We're based in the seacoast area of Amesbury, Byfield, Georgetown, Groveland, Haverhill, Merrimac, Newbury, Newburyport, Rowley & Salisbury, Massachusetts.
Amesbury Day Care Providers
Support Group
We are a group of  licensed family childcare providers whose goal is to provide and improve the quality of family childcare in our area.
 est. 1989
If you have any questions about family daycare or are interested in joining our group, please call any one of the members listed here.
Providers whose names are underlined have provided additional information.
Click on their names to find out about the providers' backgrounds, openings in the different daycares, and hours of operation.
The selection of a professional is a very personal decision. Any representative of this group providing you with the names here do not presume to judge the professional capabilities of the daycare providers represented herein.
Benefits to you and your child in Family Child Care
  Loving, consistent care                                        Peer interaction and socialization  
  Imaginative play                                                  Personalized communication
  Creative learning                                                 Individualized attention
  Developmentally appropriate activities
Erika Carullo 978-388-9751
Alissa M Cronin 978-388-0252
Serenity Harty 978-609-3421
Michelle Lamott    978-834-0418
Cathy Marino   978-388-3671
Denise Millette 978-388-0769
Tiffany Morris  978-388-9388 

Lilian Credit 978-346-9238
Eileen Flynn  978-346-9692
Diane Gadsby  978-346-4333
Shannon Murray  413-949-1098
Kim Price 978-346-4958
Lynda Williams  978-384-0021

Debra Notargiacomo978-388-9221 
Nancy Paradis978-388-9554
Christine Randall978-388-3879
Donna Spanoghe 978-388-3920
Joan Twomey978-388-4787
Jennifer Wickard 315-807-9511
Cheryl Woodsom  978-317-3920

Jamie Webster   978-255-2758
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