A sampling of the trainings we have attended as a group are listed below:

*CPR is done yearly
*First Aid every three years
*Car Seat Safety - 2003
*SIDS - Back to Sleep Program
*Nutrition for young children  every 2 - 3 years
*Working with ADHD children
*Home safety to prevent fires presented by the Amesbury Fire Department
*Communication skills for relating to parents
*Regulations & Policies presented by Jerry Curley and Martha McCann from OCCS Every 2-3 years
*Speech Development Problems - When to seek help
*Health Issues for day care
*Crafts for toddlers
*Behavior Management
*Reportable Health Issues---Amesbury Town Nurse
*Contracts and Polices for Child Care-2000
*Day Care Liability Insurance--Human Services
*New England Food and Dairy Council
*Early Childhood Growth and Development presented by Pre School Teacher from Amesbury Elementary School
*Story Time, Resource Kits and usage of the Town Library
*Professionalism in Day Care -- Providers Food Program -- presented by 
Donna Greenlay
*The Language Of Touch -- Baby Body Message -- presented by Mary Sharkey
*Child Abuse - What to do about reporting - presented by Michael Uhlarik
  ADA Suffolk County 2000
*How to identify problems of trauma and ideas of how to address the issue
  presented by Robin Pearson Cogan of the Women's Crisis Center  
*Nutrition Workshop with Ruth Dain from the food program Provider Resources, Inc.
*The importance of reading out loud to children presented by Lauri Beth Spector
  children's librarian at the Amesbury Public Library 
*Encompassing Daycare --family childcare providers shared their strengths and qualities that make providing care for children such a rewarding business. A wealth of ideas and information was shared by the group.
                             *2 hours guidance and behavior management
                             *1 hour professional development
                             *1 hour curriculum
                             *1 hour child development
*Literacy Enrichment Night featuring The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.  Also other ways to use story extenders presented by Sharon Atkinson.
*Music with Children
*Gross Motor skills for all ages
*Tax Workshop
*Gateways to Early Literacy Part 1 Setting the Stage, Part 2 Conversation, Part 3 Reading Aloud
  Part 4 Emergent Writing. This is a wonderful kit that the Support Group has on hand and is used by
  all Providers .
*A collection of great ideas from Crafts to very creative ideas in the kitchen with Children has been put
  together over the past few years.  Mini Centers is another ,

* Sanford Rines, O.D. spoke on Child Care Vision, Early treatment means a better chance for
*  Cooking with and for the children:  Getting them involved and they will be willing to try new foods.
*   Responding to kids with Asthma
*   Self Awareness for the Provider
*   Children and Body Weight: Concern , Clarity and Compassion  Nov 2007
*   Reviewing Rules and Regulations for Family Childcare
*   Early Intervention came out to speak on the services that is offered to the community and also
   discussed Autism . early warning signs and how to go about to get a child referred to the
   Agency, Age group of infants to 3 yrs old. March 2008
  SLEEPING DEATHS, Sponsered by the Anna Jaques Hospital Maturnity on Call Dr and nurses.