Tenderheart Family Day Care

 Lilian Credit
 1 Pleasant Street
 Merrimac, MA


License Number: 204492

Licensed for 8 children.

 6:30 am - 6:00 pm
 Monday – Friday

I have been providing childcare in my home for 26 years plus years.

Please call for availability.


Babysitting at age 12 , Merrimac school system Teachers Aid

Early childhood development classes

Community Action Inc./Subcontract for 26 years

Mother of four children

I have structured activities as well as free play time.

 I have a big fenced in yard with child geared toys –
 little houses, slides, picnic tables, little tyke cars and bikes. 

Plenty of outside time, provided all children have proper clothes for weather.
 We do go for walks in the neighborhood, no vehicle excursions. 
We stay mainly on the premises.